Saturday, July 16, 2011

OMG !!!!!! Chocolate is happiness.....

Lisa and I were invited to a Doves Chocolate Party... who knew that Dove had consultants... sorry they are called Chocolatiers.  The samples that Barbara came up with were totally awsome.  If you are a chocolate lover.... this is for you.  Here are some pics from the party.
This shows a drink that Barbara made out of the Frosty White Chocolate
Smoothie Mix with chocolate sauce drizzled on top.  Along with chocolate covered
cappuccino biscottini and milk chocolate peanut butter baking bits.

This was a mix using a merlot wine.... double yum.
I highly recommend you contact Barbara and ask her to do a party for you or a girls night out.  As I said, who doesn't like chocolate.... here is her information:
Barbara      410-836-9236             

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