Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Fun Toy --- a gotta have

I was at Diana's house last night and she showed me a new purchase she recently got to use with her copic pens... OMG.  This was the best new appliance ever.  The fun thing is... Stampin UP has one but on a smaller scale and sprays a splatter on the paper instead of a clean spray.  I know you are just dying to know what I am talking about....Copic has an airbrush system that can be used with a can of air which makes it portable. 

I just had to share because it is the small things that excite me.  Here are some samples that we did using this fun new toy.
This was done with 3 scallop punchouts
 and taped together.  Then sprayed
the tip of the punchouts and created
clouds.  Finished off with some stamp
that Diana had on her shelf. I am sure
she could tell ya the stamp and what
company sells it.  Diana has a
grand collection of stamps and
This was done with a circle punchout using
sticky note to leave a white circle.  Different
colors were sprayed on the top portion of
the paper with a back and forth motion to
create a sky look.  The bottom was used
with an olive color, sorry I did not pay
attention when I was pulling colors.  The
added touch was lovely as a tree in espresso.

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