Saturday, July 28, 2012

July 28th shoebox swap

Hi all -

I can't believe we haven't posted since early May.  In our defense, life has really! gotten in the way.  Andrea spent some time in the hospital with a serious problem with her leg in late May/early June.  Thankfully, after a long haul, she is almost fully recovered.

I went on a two-week vacation to Grand Canyon and Scottsdale, AZ with my husband and his parents in early May.  It was great fun but hard to get back to reality.  Here are a couple pics of that trip.  If you've been to Grand Canyon, you know that there are no words to describe what you are seeing and pictures can't do it justice, but here are a few of my attempts.

This is the view from my chair at the pool in Scottsdale.  Tough life!
These flowers were around the pool.  I think they are really pretty, and I've never seen anything like them around here.

When we returned from vacation, my husband wasn't feeling well.  This translated into visits to three hospitals, a little over three weeks in those hospitals, three surgeries, near death, and a long, slow recovery.  Thankfully, he is on that road, but as you can imagine, it really threw a kink into things. 

Life is finally returning to normal, and today's swap is just what both Andrea and I needed!  Thanks so much to everyone for coming today.  We were happy to see our "regulars" and to meet new friends.  We hope you all had as much fun today as we did.

Here are the great cards we made:

#1 Andrea (abendis)
#2 Lisa (landerson1129)
#3 Sue (susane4)
#4 Karen (vixenstamper)
#5 Pam (dixiesmom)
#6 Deb (scrapadoodle)
#7 Erica (esivils)
#8 Carol (luvsSU)
#9 Mary Helen (maryhelennichols)
#10 Betty (bettystamper3556)
#11 Michele (mmulich)
#12 Lynn (lynnhersh)
#13 Mary (Mary McWilliams)
#14 Janine (jgregorek)
#15 Marilynn (marilynnwiseman)
#16 Joyce (Joyce Harkins)
#17 Michele (heart)
#18 Jeanne (jeanne73)
#19 Elaine (e.garrity)
#20 Marge (Marge Sexton)
#21 Laura (joppastamper)
#22 Kelly (chaud66)
#23 Barbara (babsmcleod)
#24 Linda (lcmccaslin)
#25 Linda (Linda Gallion)
#26 Jacki (scrappinjacki)
#27 Karen (karen7661)
#28 Tracey (traceylynnwolf)
#29 Valeria (from LA!) (thumbunny)
#30 Tanya (from Azerbaijan!!!)
#31 Lisa (landerson1129)
Since we only had 30 people instead of 31, Andrea and I wanted to be sure you got to go home with all 30 cards.

 Here are a couple pics of our group:

And last but not least, here is a picture of Deb with her flamingo towel that she won by choosing the winning name of Fillipio for our 2nd flamingo mascot.

Don't forget to check out the Ocean City info by clicking the link on the right.  It is a ridiculously fun time.  Keep in mind that it is your time, so if you want to scrapbook or sleep or hang on the boardwalk, it is up to you.  We have plans to keep you entertained and busy, but it is up to you.  We will be posting some of our activities and projects in the next couple of months.  Where else can you get three days of planned activities and four great meals for the low, low cost of $162??  Besides all that, you get to spend the weekend with us and stamp-y friends!  Okay, consider this informercial over.  :0)

Thanks again for a much-needed day of fun and great cards and great food (I'm talkin' to you, Marge! (PB fudge for those of you unfortunate enough not to have tried it))  The broccoli salad and chocolate chip cake were yummy, too.  Who am I kidding??  It was all good.  I'm pretty sure I tried most everything.

Our next swap will probably be in April.  OC is in November, and we haven't had the best luck with weather in the early months of the year, so we'll shoot for spring.

Here's hoping we see you in OC.


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