Sunday, January 29, 2012

More Zentangles and stamps

Since I took the Basic Zentangle class at The Queen's Ink three weeks ago I have turned into a Zentangling fool.  There has been only two or three times that I have not done some kind of zentangle in the last three weeks.  I would just clutter up this blog if I put everything out here, so I am going to be selective.  I will show two that I really like, for now...

I am finding some of the patterns I really like and want to incorporate them in every design.  I realize, I must move on to other patterns.  There was no string design to start off on this tangle.  I just started drawing and used the different space on the paper.

This tangle, I really, really like.  I use a stamp from Fabulous Florets, it give a nice start and then I drew around the stamped design with patterns.  Have I told you that I am totally hooked on doing Zentangles. 
 If anyone is Zentangling, I would love to post your designs here.  I have chatted with some of you out there, send me your pictures.....

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